Review on The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Review on The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo



I love studying Hollywood mostly old Hollywood. I enjoy studying the evolution of films and the life stories of many of Hollywoods best films actors such as Marlyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Betty Davis, Audrey Hepburn, Kathrin Hepburn, Gene Kelly, Humphry Bogart, Clark Gable and many more. So when I found out there was a book that talked about old Holly from the perspective of an actor of that time you could imagine my excitement.  Taylor Jenkin Reid book The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo takes you through the several decades of Hollywood from the perspective of sexpot star Evenly Hugo.

Meet Monique Grant a talented, no-name, rookie journalist in New York City trying to get ahead in her career.  Monique was given the opportunity to interview famous actor/ bombshell Evenly Hugo who has lived in solitude for several years. From both Monique and Evenly perspective we get to learn about Evelyns life, her struggles fighting the Hollywood systems, and the secrets behind all seven of her marriages.

I enjoyed this book both characters were well written and I just loved Evelyns character so well written. It’s one of those wise sage gives life advice to a novice. However, a lot of the choices that Evelyn made someone would say immoral, but considering her circumstance her actions made sense; it was either do this or get walked all over. The story is from a flashback from the 1940’s all the way up to modern times. We also learned there is a connection between Monique and Evelyn.

The book does not just talk about Hollywood it’s also about ambition and sexuality. We learn about the attitude towards homosexuality and bisexuality over the many decades. Evelyn discusses her very open-ish sex life; her body being her biggest weapon that helped her stay afloat in her career. We also get to learn about Monique characters her ending marriage, coping with her father’s death, and trying to climb up the career ladder. These two women stories intertwining into one big knot.

I can go on about this book, but I am going to end it here. I did like this book and maybe in the future, I will read some other works of Taylor Jenkin Reids. Thank You.


Review of Macbeth

Review of Macbeth

Macbeth - Poster


“Something wicked this way comes!” The Dark twisted Scottish play was written by the one and only W. Shakespeare. Shakespeare tells a tale of Macbeth a man seeking power by climbing on dead bodies resulting in him becoming king. As the bodies fell so did Macbeth sanity. Macbeth has got to be my favorite of all his plays; I just have soft spot for characters going crazy. 

In 1603 after the death of Queen Elizabeth, the next ruler became King James the son of Queen Mary of Scott. Some individuals were not particularly happy with this decision so there was a huge revolt that led to Guy Fawkes gunpowder plot of 1605(remember remember the 5th of November). The plot failed, but with that Shakespeare took this chance to create a play about political corruption and a country torn in a mass power struggle plus witches. 

Macbeth is considered to be Shakespeare shortest of all his tragedies do to a lot of cuttings. Also, it seems that history states that King James did not like long plays (He and I have something in common). He also liked the supernatural which explains the three witches. It’s true he wrote a whole book about demons and curses; everyone has their hobbies. A fun fact the three women in the play are never called witches but called the weird sisters. Because of the “witches”, ghost, evil spells, and plenty of murder others believe that this play is cursed and the true name should never be spoken in any theatre.

Some of my favorite parts would have to be the dagger monologue. Is the digger there is it not there. Does the dagger represent is thoughts of actually chasing after his goal. What does it mean? Another there’s the Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s relationship. Lady Macbeth makes up for the lack of initiative that her husband and is the one to persuade him to kill the king, but later on feels guilty for the deed. This creates a role reversal in their relationship because Lady Macbeth was forward one and Macbeth was not, but Macbeth becomes the dominant one and Lady Macbeth docile. I love it so much.

Shakespeare beauty is hidden within his words making a psychopathic homicidal maniac so sympathetic and feel sort of bad for him. The play also question fate do we have free will or are puppets to our destinies. If Macbeth did not meet the weird sisters would he have still decided to down path of blood? Would Lady Macbeth still push him to become king? These are the kind thing I love about Shakespeare’s work is that he kind of leaves these question in the air for other people think about. He also questions ambition is okay to go after what you want or should find your limits because the world needs ambitious people to get things done. However, in result will create a insanity within the person or in the population just like in the play.  

I love this play and I hope someday I will get to see a live production of this wonderful piece of work.

My Review of​ Gone With the Wind

My Review of​ Gone With the Wind



God’s Nightgown! In 1936 Margret Mitchell publishes the epic war romance tale of the south in America during the civil war.  It was a trailblazer that took over the country. It sold 28,000,000 copies across the globe. The book was filled with passion, romance, and tears. There’s not a single boring moment in the book and you’ll be absorbed in Mitchell elegant and yet simple writing. It’s a wonderful read. The book came so popularly that year the very next to the motion picture made to the screen featuring Vivien Leigh, Clark Gable, and Olivia de Havilland. The film became equally popular as the book.

The story revolves around the life of Scarlett O’Hara a young rich naive daughter of a plantation owner. She is so used to living a certain life when the civil war Scarlet life just turns upside down. We the reader witness the struggles and trials that Scarlett has to endure from the start to the end of the civil war. She shed herself from the old southern ways into a new era in order to keep stability in her life. We get to also learn about an important moment in American history.

Scarlet O’Hara is probably the meanest, ignorant, and greediest character out in literary history. She’s the type of character who is very mean, but you love her because she is so mean. She will lie, cheat, and steal to get what she wants. She uses people even people who are kind to her like Melonie her only “friend” through the whole book until she dies at the end. Her heart is black especially as you progress through the book. The way she reacted and spoke when shot and killed that Union soldier sounded almost psychopathic. I know after everything she been through she has all the rights to be angry and stressed, but my god she pressed her heel of her shoe into the bullet wound that killed him. In the beginning, she was a dumb kid trying to get the boy she like attention and then towards the end she becomes cold, sad, broken, and alone, but that seems more like a justice considering how terrible of a person she was to deal with. I did like this book though it’s not my favorite. I will give Scarlet this she is independent and can take of self and her people, but that’s not saying much.

Marget Mitchel somehow made me feel bad for Scarlet and those fighting for the cause a word that is used a lot in the book cause and darkies. With proper wording, Mitchell illustrated the landscape, the people, and those peoples feeling that you would weep for them, but their pro-slavery so sympathy has limits. How Mitchel new how to paint a pretty picture inside your head and feel heartbroken. This woman could describe a flies butt crack and you would still weep that how good she is. She made for a second feel bad for one of the characters who later join the KKK. She uses simple phrases in eloquence you can feel every bit of desire coming from every single world. The heat was pouring from the pages.  It would make sense if the book had passion and desire since it was war, romance, and survival.

Now when the book was published there were issues with the book. For one thing, people said that Mitchell over romanticises the civil war saying she glorified what went down. There was also the most obvious one the racism. Mitchell kind of made it sound that slavery was not all that bad for Africans making it sound like fantasy wonderland. Where the slaves were happy and everything was alright in the world. There was also weird tone shifts one moment Scarlet would say something racist then sound like a  feminist. One minute she’ll say  Someone should whip those blackies until their back bleed to Why can’t a woman speak her mind?, I’m paraphrasing a little, but it would not surprise me if that was a literal quote. There were a lot of parts of that book that uncountable.  I know that’s how they talked back then, I knew what I was getting myself to when I started the book, but I can’t control how I felt.

Anyway like I said I enjoyed the book it was a terrific read I could not put it down. Thank you. Goodbye.

My Review of​ Jane Eyre

My Review of​ Jane Eyre


When I decided to start reading more I was debating what book to start off. I did Crime and Punishment first, but that book was too dense for me so I went down a different route and that route was JANE EYRE. Yes, the classic gothic novel was written by English author Charlotte Bronte. It was I believe her first novel and was a big success when it was published back in the 1800’s.

As many people would know the story of Jane Eyre it’s a Gothic Romance novel told from the perspective of the title character Jane. The story follows our hero from her abusive relatives in Gateshead, to the poorly cared for Lowood School, and then ending at Thornfield where she meets her love interest Mr.Rodchester. For the majority of the book she stays in, Thornfield until she runs away to the River family.

I was a bit worried about reading an old English book first when I was just getting started. I was nervous think that the book was going to be like Crime and Punishment being all dense and hard to understand, but this was not the case. It was surprisingly a simple read and the story was pretty straight forward. I did enjoy reading the book I never have been more interested in a book since I read The Giver and Coraline (Making up a song about Cooraline) . For the first time, I was actually upset that I had to put a book down because class was starting or I had to do homework.My heart ached which was kind of weird.

Even though I said the book was very simple and easy to understand  there were times when unfamiliar terms and phrases being that caught my attention. Now lucky for me I had a copy of the book with footnotes so if I got lost I just stop reading for a sec and looked at the notes. Even though it was a romance story I was not that actually interested in the romance part. I know…. I know…. ” How could you there’s so much chemistry and passion between Jane and Rochester.” Don’t go chasing me down the forest with torches and pitchforks, but yeah I am not interested in romance. I was more focus Jane development into adulthood and doing what she can to find happiness. If that happiness was found with Rochester that’s okay I’m cool with that. All I cared about was Janes development and if she succeeded in getting what she wanted.

Charlotte Bronte actually made a character that I was concerned for she made me care about Jane. It helps when you start the character off as a kid then into an adult. We mostly see the whole story through Janes perspectives we. hear her thoughts we feel her pains and struggles and that is what a good storyteller does. They want us to feel what that character is also feeling. With Mrs.Reed I thought ” What kind of Aunt allow her kids to beat her niece” or ” That jerk Rochester locking up his first wife Bertha.” I suppose Jane would think her fiance was would do the same if she ended up like Bertha. I get it I get it 1800’s mental aid was not the best as it is today so Rochester had little to no options to help tragic Bertha, but I have to admit it was pretty messed up.  

In the end, I still enjoyed reading the book I was invested in the story, the character and cheering her own the whole time. This was my first time writing a review for a book. It is pretty awkward I am sure I’ll get better if I keep at it. Thank you for taking the time for reading this.