Review of Macbeth

Review of Macbeth

Macbeth - Poster


“Something wicked this way comes!” The Dark twisted Scottish play was written by the one and only W. Shakespeare. Shakespeare tells a tale of Macbeth a man seeking power by climbing on dead bodies resulting in him becoming king. As the bodies fell so did Macbeth sanity. Macbeth has got to be my favorite of all his plays; I just have soft spot for characters going crazy. 

In 1603 after the death of Queen Elizabeth, the next ruler became King James the son of Queen Mary of Scott. Some individuals were not particularly happy with this decision so there was a huge revolt that led to Guy Fawkes gunpowder plot of 1605(remember remember the 5th of November). The plot failed, but with that Shakespeare took this chance to create a play about political corruption and a country torn in a mass power struggle plus witches. 

Macbeth is considered to be Shakespeare shortest of all his tragedies do to a lot of cuttings. Also, it seems that history states that King James did not like long plays (He and I have something in common). He also liked the supernatural which explains the three witches. It’s true he wrote a whole book about demons and curses; everyone has their hobbies. A fun fact the three women in the play are never called witches but called the weird sisters. Because of the “witches”, ghost, evil spells, and plenty of murder others believe that this play is cursed and the true name should never be spoken in any theatre.

Some of my favorite parts would have to be the dagger monologue. Is the digger there is it not there. Does the dagger represent is thoughts of actually chasing after his goal. What does it mean? Another there’s the Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s relationship. Lady Macbeth makes up for the lack of initiative that her husband and is the one to persuade him to kill the king, but later on feels guilty for the deed. This creates a role reversal in their relationship because Lady Macbeth was forward one and Macbeth was not, but Macbeth becomes the dominant one and Lady Macbeth docile. I love it so much.

Shakespeare beauty is hidden within his words making a psychopathic homicidal maniac so sympathetic and feel sort of bad for him. The play also question fate do we have free will or are puppets to our destinies. If Macbeth did not meet the weird sisters would he have still decided to down path of blood? Would Lady Macbeth still push him to become king? These are the kind thing I love about Shakespeare’s work is that he kind of leaves these question in the air for other people think about. He also questions ambition is okay to go after what you want or should find your limits because the world needs ambitious people to get things done. However, in result will create a insanity within the person or in the population just like in the play.  

I love this play and I hope someday I will get to see a live production of this wonderful piece of work.

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