My Review of​ Jane Eyre

My Review of​ Jane Eyre


When I decided to start reading more I was debating what book to start off. I did Crime and Punishment first, but that book was too dense for me so I went down a different route and that route was JANE EYRE. Yes, the classic gothic novel was written by English author Charlotte Bronte. It was I believe her first novel and was a big success when it was published back in the 1800’s.

As many people would know the story of Jane Eyre it’s a Gothic Romance novel told from the perspective of the title character Jane. The story follows our hero from her abusive relatives in Gateshead, to the poorly cared for Lowood School, and then ending at Thornfield where she meets her love interest Mr.Rodchester. For the majority of the book she stays in, Thornfield until she runs away to the River family.

I was a bit worried about reading an old English book first when I was just getting started. I was nervous think that the book was going to be like Crime and Punishment being all dense and hard to understand, but this was not the case. It was surprisingly a simple read and the story was pretty straight forward. I did enjoy reading the book I never have been more interested in a book since I read The Giver and Coraline (Making up a song about Cooraline) . For the first time, I was actually upset that I had to put a book down because class was starting or I had to do homework.My heart ached which was kind of weird.

Even though I said the book was very simple and easy to understand  there were times when unfamiliar terms and phrases being that caught my attention. Now lucky for me I had a copy of the book with footnotes so if I got lost I just stop reading for a sec and looked at the notes. Even though it was a romance story I was not that actually interested in the romance part. I know…. I know…. ” How could you there’s so much chemistry and passion between Jane and Rochester.” Don’t go chasing me down the forest with torches and pitchforks, but yeah I am not interested in romance. I was more focus Jane development into adulthood and doing what she can to find happiness. If that happiness was found with Rochester that’s okay I’m cool with that. All I cared about was Janes development and if she succeeded in getting what she wanted.

Charlotte Bronte actually made a character that I was concerned for she made me care about Jane. It helps when you start the character off as a kid then into an adult. We mostly see the whole story through Janes perspectives we. hear her thoughts we feel her pains and struggles and that is what a good storyteller does. They want us to feel what that character is also feeling. With Mrs.Reed I thought ” What kind of Aunt allow her kids to beat her niece” or ” That jerk Rochester locking up his first wife Bertha.” I suppose Jane would think her fiance was would do the same if she ended up like Bertha. I get it I get it 1800’s mental aid was not the best as it is today so Rochester had little to no options to help tragic Bertha, but I have to admit it was pretty messed up.  

In the end, I still enjoyed reading the book I was invested in the story, the character and cheering her own the whole time. This was my first time writing a review for a book. It is pretty awkward I am sure I’ll get better if I keep at it. Thank you for taking the time for reading this.